“The Annals of Putna” is a biannual journal which accepts for publication studies, articles, notes, documents, reviews, bibliographical notes that refer to the epoch of Stephen the Great – including his immediate ancestors and successors –, to the history of the Putna Monastery and to the history of the monasteries from Bukovina.
“The Annals of Putna” publishes mainly the proceedings of the international history symposium “Putna Colloquia” – three issues out of four every two years, with the fourth issue (the second from the even years) dedicated to the texts of the talks which were not published on time or to other contributions. Thus, the authors who want to publish in “The Annals of Putna” are encouraged to participate in one of the editions of the “Putna Colloquia” and present their work in front of some of the best specialists in the field; subsequently the text of their talk will be published in the corresponding issue from “The Annals of Putna”. If the authors cannot participate in the “Putna Colloquia” they can send their articles directly to the Editors.
The Editors, in collaboration with the Editorial Board and other historians, will manage the peer-review process – with at least two independent referees reviewing each article – and will communicate to the authors, if necessary, the observations of the referees.
By submitting a paper to the Annals of Putna the author implicitly acquiesces neither to submit the same paper to another scientific journal nor to include it in a volume before it is published in the Annals of Putna. The Editors urge the authors to announce them when the same text is submitted to another publication (whether in the original form or translated), when the text is part of a volume already prepared for publication as well as when some statements or citations require updating. Forewarned, the Editors will decide what course to adopt.
The Editors can accept to publish articles already published in other journals, if they are of a special interest for the scope and directions of “The Annals of Putna”. In such a case, the author is due to obtain the permission from the publication that published the article. Likewise, for a paper already published in “The Annals of Putna” to be re-published in another publication (journal, collected or personal volume), the author needs to ask the permission from the Editors.
The authors are urged to respect the guidelines for submitting articles to “The Annals of Putna”.
The Annals of Putna journal wishes to encourage dialogue, the exchange of ideas and scientific debate over unclear or controversial historical matters. Within this context, the authors are granted the right to reply provided that the normal standards and limitations for these situations are observed.
The Editors withhold the right to schedule the received materials according to the journal’s needs and to not accept the materials that from one reason or another do not meet these needs.
The responsibility for the scientific content of the published texts belongs exclusively to the authors.