X, 2014, 1

Prince Vlad Vintilă and Humor Monastery | p. 55–60

Craioveşti boyars, donation, dynastic alliance, Humor, Polish-Ottoman peace


The study discusses a charter from 1534–1535 in which the ruler of Wallachia, Vlad Vintilă, donates a gipsy family to the Humor Monastery. The founder of the Humor Monastery was Chancellor Theodore, who was at the Wallachian court in the summer of 1534. After an analysis of Wallachia’s relations with Poland and Moldavia in preceding years, the author concludes that Vlad Vintilă’s donation must be linked to the content of the message Petru Rareş sent via Chancellor Theodore. Most probably it was in connection to the attempt of toppling Vlad and enthroning a pretender brought in secret by the Sultan’s envoy, the Venetian Aloisio Gritti, with the support of a group of Wallachian boyars.