X, 2014, 1

“A Time to Talk”. Dositheus of Jerusalem and the Synod from Iaşi (1642) | p. 215–250

Cyril Loukaris, Dositheus of Jerusalem, Iaşi, Meletios Syrigos, Synod, Vasile Lupu


Though a lot has been written about the Synod from Iaşi (1642), and with notable results, many aspects are still covered with mystery. The present study aims to present how the great dragoman Panayotis Nikousia and patriarch Dositheus of Jerusalem related the event. According to the author, Dositheus tried to present the Synod as a reaction to the unrest provoked by the “Calvinist” Confession of Faith of Patriarch Cyril Loukaris. Moreover, following the path opened by Panayotis, he granted the Synod a central role within his own program of defining and strengthening Orthodoxy.