X, 2014, 1

A Rediscovered Votive Painting | p. 33–48

Coşula, exterior painting, foundation charter, monastery, votive painting


One of the important monasteries of Moldavia is Coşula, built during the first reign of Petru Rareş by treasurer Mateiaş. Its architecture and painting make it one of the notable achievements of its time. Later architectural changes and repainting resulted in the loss of some important frescoes. A copy of the votive fresco was made in the 19th century when the wall which separated the nave from the narthex was dismantled. This painting was mentioned by N. Iorga, yet its trace was lost before World War II. The author rediscovered it recently in the church of the monastery. On an oil painting on wood we see the portrait of one of the most important boyars of the first half of the 16th century Moldavia. Next to him we see his wife and four of his children, a boy and three girls, dressed in 16th century attire. This quite deteriorated painting should be returned to the scientific circuit as it shows the image of a Moldavian boyar family who lived almost 500 years ago.