XIII, 2017, 1

An 18th Century Putna Monk – Hierotheus, Bishop of Huşi | p. 209–223

Bishopric of Huşi, eighteenth century, Hierotheus Borş - Bishop of Huşi, Moldavia, Putna Monastery


Our study represents a prosopographical reconstitution of Hieromonk Hierotheus, one of the personalities of the Moldavian Church in the 18th century, a spiritual son of Putna Monastery, who was called to the holy ministry towards the end of his life, shepherding the Bishopric of Huşi for almost a decade. Born into an old family of Transylvanian Romanians, John Borş (the future Hierarch Hierotheus) was married in Dumbrăveni, Moldavia and had two children, Elijah and Anastasia. After the death of his wife in the 1730s, he was tonsured a monk at Putna Monastery, where he was abbot for a short time between 1742 and 1743. He was enthroned bishop of Huşi in 1744, where he guided the faithful until the first part of 1752. He spent the last years of his life at Putna Monastery, where he was buried.