VII, 2011, 2

A Manuscript from the Time of Hegumen Teofil Patraş (1901–1917) | p. 53–66

1904, Carol II, celebration, hegumen, Putna Monastery, Teofil Patraş


Folder 3/1900 from the archive of the Putna Monastery, written by several persons in Romanian and German, is a valuable source for the history of Bukovina between 1900 and 1916. One can find there detailed information on the 1904 celebration – held at Putna on the 4th centennial of the death of Saint Stephen the Great as a symbol of the unity of Romanians from all territories – as well as on other events: the anniversary of 40 years as a priest of archimandrite Teofil Patraş, the visit of the future Prince Carol II to Putna in 1909 or the beginning years of World War I. All these happened while Teofil Patraş was the hegumen of the Putna Monastery at a time of great national expectations for the Romanians, when the Austrian Empire lived its last years in Bukovina.