XI, 2015, 1

A Little-Known Manuscript Autographed by Scholars Spiridon and Eustatius of Putna (The Missal Preserved in Smolensk, Russia) | p. 207–220

manuscripts, ornamentation, parchment, Putna Monastery, Smolensk


The present paper is dedicated to the archaeographical description of a little-known manuscript, written in Putna Monastery by hieromonk Spiridon, a remarkable calligrapher from the time of Stephen the Great, for the abbot of the same monastery, Silouan, in the year 1532.

Worn out due to its intensive use in the divine services, the manuscript was restored in 1569 in the same monastery by its abbot, protohegumen Eustatius.

The codex still preserves not just the beautiful samples of writing of monk Spiridon and protohegumen Eustatius, but also beautiful examples of ornamentation of such manuscripts, products of Putna Monastery’s Scriptorium.

Today the Missal is preserved in Russia, in the Smolensk History and Architecture State Museum-Preserve.