IX, 2013, 2

A Novel Manuscript Commissioned by Iliaş, the Prince of Moldavia | p. 17–24

Andrew the Fool-for-Christ, Byzantine text, Moldavian manuscript, the library of the Holy Synod


The miscellany I 151 from the library of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church contains a text, The life and acts of Andrew the Fool-for-Christ, copied in 1433 on the commission of Iliaş, the prince of Moldavia. The author established, upon the analysis of certain elements, that the text is a 17th century copy from a 1433 Moldavian manuscript. This could be, so far, the oldest text in Romania preserving a dated copy of the life and acts of Andrew the Fool-for- Christ. The text reveals a well-established and rich literary activity in Moldavia, where the translators and copists from the scriptoria were informed about the popular or rare Byzantine texts, which they made available to those interested.