X, 2014, 1

A Manuscript from the Time of Iliaş Rareş, in the Silesian Library from Katowice (Poland) | p. 61–72

Iliaş Rareş, Moldavia, Octoichos, Poland, Râşca Monastery, Śląska Library in Katowice, Slavonian manuscript


During a documentation scholarship in Poland the author identified a valuable Slavonian liturgical manuscript, an Octoichos of Romanian origin, unknown to the Romanian specialists. The manuscript was copied by monk Isachie, chanter of the Râşca Monastery, in Moldavia, in 1548, during the reign of Iliaş Rareş. Today the manuscript is kept at the Silesian (Śląska) Library in Katowice, in the Special Collections Department. In the present article, the author describes this manuscript, contributing to the popularization of the Romanian cultural presence in Poland.