XV, 2019, 1

An Epitrachelion with the Portrait of Stephen the Great Discovered in the Collection of the Byzantine and Christian Museum from Athens | p. 135–148

embroidery, epitrachelion, Pătrăuți, Stephen the Great


In 2005, in “Analele Putnei”, Ștefan S. Gorovei raised the question of an epitrachelion, now lost, called “from Pătrăuți”. Besides its ancientness and artistic qualities, the piece was important because it had, in its lower part, the portraits of Stephen the Great and of his wife, Maria Voichița, accompanied by their names embroidered in Greek. Stephen the Great donated the epitrachelion to his foundation in Pătrăuți in 1493. Based on indices provided by the late Petre Ș. Năsturel, the author was able to trace in the collections of the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens an epitrachelion that, albeit different from the Pătrăuți one, carries the identical portraits of Stephen the Great and Maria Voichița. The aim of the paper is to describe and present to the academic community this completely unknown epitrachelion related to Stephen the Great, which was forgotten among the cultural heritage items of the Byzantine Museum in Athens.