XI, 2015, 1

An Echo from Belgrade of the Moldavian-Ottoman Clash from 1476 | p. 151–156

Akinjis, Belgrade, Danube, Dracula, siege


A report to the king of Hungary, probably written in mid November 1476, describes in detail the campaign of sultan Mehmed II in Moldavia, based on intelligence provided by the spies sent from Belgrade into the Ottoman territory. The expedition’s totally unsatisfactory result is revealed by a note stating that when the Ottoman army left Moldavia it crossed Danube in just “four days”, whereas when it came it needed no less than forty eight days ! One of the novel, extremely valuable elements provided by this document is the piece of information that the day before the lost battle from White Valley, July 26, Stephen the Great, the ruler of Moldavia, succeeded in destroying the terrible vanguard of Akinjis, lead by Ali Bey Mihaloglu.