XV, 2019, 1

A Forgotten Monk from Putna: Bishop Anthony of Roman (I) | p. 215–226

hierarchy, Jacob of Putna, Moldavian Metropolia, Putna, Roman Bishopric


The present paper contributes to a better knowledge of the life and works of a bishop who doesn’t have a proper biography: Anthony of Roman. A disciple of Jacob of Putna, at his monastic tonsure he received the name of the spiritual father of many of the 18th century monks from Putna Monastery, that is, Metropolitan Anthony of Moldavia. The future bishop fulfilled many assignments within the Church, first as an archdeacon at the Metropolia from Iassy, then as a hieromonk and, for a short period of time, as a hegumen of Putna. He withdrew to Moldavia where, as an ex-hegumen of Putna, he was proposed for the See of Roman in a time of great trial for the diocese, due to the great debts acquired by the former Greek bishop.