XV, 2019, 2

The Oxford Anonymous Chronicle (Bodleian Library, Ms Marsh 313). A Little Known Anonymous Chronicle from the Time of Bayezid II | p. 121–132

Bayezid II, Bodleian Library, medieval history of the Romanians, Ottoman chronicle, Stephen the Great


The author signals the existence of an anonymous Ottoman chronicle from the time of Bayezid II, recently edited and translated into English, which details the history of the Ottoman dynasty from approx. 1300 till 1484. The last fact recorded in this chronicle was the Ottoman conquest of Kilia and Moncastro. The interest for this chronicle, who’s manuscript is preserved at the Bodleian Library, MS. Marsh 313, lies in the information it provides for the medieval history of the Romanians. Also, for more than a century, the Bodleian manuscript was erroneously attributed to Ruhi of Edirne, who died after 1511, despite the observations made by British turcologist Victor Louis Ménage in the 1960s.