XIV, 2018, 1

“The Country’s Watch”: Stephen the Great and Putna Monastery in Romanian Philatelic Images | p. 379–404

philately, propaganda, Putna Monastery, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Stephen the Great


The chronological presentation, framing, and analysis of the philatelic stamps dedicated to Stephen the Great and Putna Monastery allow for the identification of certain messages and reference points which were targeted by the political factors in 20th-21st century Romania and by the leading political circles of the Republic of Moldova after 1991, the latter being a state in which the Moldavian ruler represents the symbol of statehood, as he is the central point of the so-called moldovenism insistently promoted by the Communist authorities in 2001–2009. Through this text we intend to bring to the attention of the researchers of the epoch of Stephen the Great the very little-known field of philately and the propaganda message accompanying the philatelic stamp, which may represent interesting additions to the already existing information and images about the use and significance of Stephen the Great for political and propaganda purposes.