XII, 2016, 2

Stephen the Great – Symbol of Moldovenism in the Communist Press from Republic of Moldova. Case Study: “Moldova Suverană” (2005–2009) | p. 147–154

Communist press, moldovenism, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Stephen the Great


The most prominent ruler of Moldavia, a paramount figure in the Romanian history and of the two Romanian states today, Stephen the Great gradually gained, after August 27, 1991, symbolic and national identity value for the supporters of the Republic of Moldova’s independence. Actions carried out especially during the second term of President Vladimir Voronin (2005–2009) represented the pinnacle of the campaign promoted during the Communist administrations, a campaign centred on the figure of the great ruler. Moldovenist ideas were promoted and propagated with some success especially in the pages of periodicals serving the governing structures controlled by the communists. Among these publications, the newspaper “Moldova Suverană” holds a special place, given its designation, domestically and abroad, as “the official newspaper of the Government of the Republic of Moldova”.