XVIII, 2022, 1

The Putna Celebration. Arcadie Ciupercovici and Other | p. 89–94

1871 Putna Celebration, Arcadie Ciupercovici, Samuil Morariu-Andrievici


The 1871 Putna Celebration was mostly owed to the efforts made by the abbot of the time, Arcadie Ciupercovici, who commemorated Stephen the Great yearly after he became an abbot in 1866. The present paper focuses on some biographical elements of the worthy hierarch, as they were published in the press by various persons who knew him. The paper also refers to some evidence of the covert support for the great 1871 event offered by consistorial counselor (and later “protector” of the hegoumen) Samuil Morariu-Andrievici.