X, 2014, 2

The Relation between Putna Monastery and its Associated Monastic Settlements during the 18th Century | p. 73–102

hieroschemamonk Nathan, hieroschemamonk Silas, Metropolitan Jacob of Putna, Putna Hermitage, Putna Monastery


The present paper tries to clarify the relation between Putna Monastery and its associated monastic settlements – Putna Hermitage, Ursoaia Hermitage and “the old monastery” – during the 18th century. The conclusion is that there existed a family-type relation between the monastery and its settlements giving rise to a unique social and spiritual organism.

Another contribution of the present paper is the identification of “Narchis”, the name of Putna Monastery’s sacristan at 1762, as the monastic name, in little schema, of the one who was called riassaphore Nathanail and, later, hieroschemamonk Nathan.