VII, 2011, 1

The Commemoration of Stephen the Great in the Chilandari Monastery on Mount Athos. Several Observations | p. 333–350

Arbanaški pirg, Chilandari, Moldavia, Mount Athos, Stephen the Great


The present paper brings up to the scientific circuit new information about the relations between Moldavia and the Chilandari Monastery on Mount Athos. Based on hitherto unstudied documents from the monastery’s archives we were able to document two new series of donations from princes of Moldavia in support of the “great Serbian lavra” from Athos. The first of them (1466–1467) belongs to Stephen the Great (1457–1504), who is thus the first Romanian prince to have established connections with Chilandari, and the second must belong to Alexandru Lăpuşneanu (1552–1561; 1564–1568). The paper insists on the relations of Stephen the Great with Chilandari and with one of its dependencies, the Tower called “al Arbănaşului” (Arbanaški pirg), trying to determine, based on the available documents, the context in which the Moldavian prince directed his attention to the Serbian holy places from the Holy Mountain.