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The Diptych of Putna Hermitage (1768) | p. 313–390

diptych, Nathan Dreteanul, Putna Hermitage, Sevastian Gheorghiescu, Silas


The Diptych of Putna Hermitage was written by hieroschemamonk Nathan Dreteanul in 1768. The codex contains about 380 names of various founders, benefactors and monks of the skete: princes, a princess, metropolitans, bishops, hieroschemamonks, schemamonks, hieromonks, monks, nuns, priests, as well as boyars from the Balş, Cantacuzino-Deleanu, Ruset, Costachi-Negel, Sturza, Gane, Sion, Vârnav, Stamate, Potlog, Butucea and Herescu families. Some of the notes are of great value, such as those mentioning that Metropolitan Jacob of Putna was tonsured into the great schema and Bishop Dositei Herescu was tonsured into the small schema in this skete.

The first 10 pages of the diptych, which contain a short history of the Hermitage, were torn apart and later estranged. They were written by starets Silas and came for a while into the possession of Teodor Balan who edited them in 1936 in Cernăuţi. Later on the diptych came into the possession of priest Dimitrie Bunceac from Bilca. Upon the intervention of the sacristan Sevastian Gheorghiescu and abbot Gennadius Zaharovici it was returned to the Putna Monastery in 1844 and it is now preserved in the archives of the monastery.