VIII, 2012, 2

The Diptych of the Putna Monastery (1756) | p. 167–398

benefactors, diptych, genealogy, manuscript, Putna Monastery


The present document is the oldest diptych of the Putna Monastery that came down to us. It was written by hieromonk Nathanael Dreteanovschi in 1756, being copied after an older one, as the author mentions on the title page. The names of old and new benefactors – princes, metropolitans, bishops, boyars – as well as the names of other important donors are mentioned. Metropolitan Jacob of Putna commissioned the manuscript at the beginning of a period of revival in the life of the monastery. The covers and the binding of the manuscript were done by Mihail Strilbiţchi, a renowned printer whose activity is well known in Moldavia and abroad.