VIII, 2012, 1

Diptychs from the Putna Monastery | p. 125–186

diptychs, Nathanael Dreteanul, Putna Hermitage, Putna Monastery, Sevastian Gheorghiescu


The present paper presents ten diptychs which are hosted nowadays in the archive and the library of the Putna Monastery. Eight of them were written for this Monastery, whereas two were written for the Putna Hermitage (Sihăstria Putnei). They were written between the 18th and the 20th centuries and comprise a large number of names: princes, princesses, metropolitans, bishops, hegumens, boyars etc., founders and benefactors of the two monastic communities. Regarding the authors, one of them is Nathanael Dreteanul († December 26, 1784), who authored two diptychs-codices (1756, 1768), and, probably, a triptych (dated September 27, 1784), another is Sevastian Gheorghiescu, vicar of the Putna Monastery
(1860–1866), who authored a wall-diptych (February 22, 1869). The other authors are unknown. At least two diptychs (1756, 1869) were transcribed from some older ones, as indicated by the authors themselves.

These diptychs are a major source for the history of the Putna Monastery and, especially, for the history of the relations between this monastery and various segments of the Moldavian society in the medieval, pre-modern, modern and contemporary times.