X, 2014, 1

An Unknown Version of the Poricologos in a Putna Manuscript from the Last Quarter of the 18th Century | p. 261–276

18th century, Byzantine satire, manuscript, Paschalion, Poricologos, Putna


Many of the 18th-century Romanian manuscripts contain an allegorical Byzantine satire written in the 12th century. This “Tale of Fruits” or Poricologos reached various cultural spaces, being translated into several languages. In the 1930’s, Ariadna Camariano published her doctoral thesis, which beside Opsarologos also dealt with this satire. Of the many variants, some were not known to her at that time. In the collections of the Central Historical National Archives there is a miscellany which contains this story, adapted and handwritten by one of Putna’s scholars, Ilie Iordache, during the last quarter of the Enlightenment. In addition to the Poricologos, the manuscript also includes elements of chronology, prayers, hymns and some folk lyrics.