XV, 2019, 2

A Cartographic Reconstitution of the Forest Reserve of Putna Monastery from 1502 | p. 37–62

1502, 1790, forest reserve, map, Putna, Religious Fund, Stephen the Great


The present study investigates the borders of the forest reserve of Putna Monastery, which included forests, pastures and lakes, confirmed by Stephen the Great through the princely charters from March 15, 1490, and November 17, 1502. In order to determine the perimeter and the actual area of this reserve, the author identified each historical toponym on Google Maps with the aid of the Austrian topographic maps of Bukovina from 1773–1778, which are available online. The result was surprising: the forest reserve of Putna occupied the whole superior hydrographic basin of Suceava River, with its tributaries, and constituted an important portion of the later Greek-Oriental Religious Fund.