XIV, 2018, 1

A Lost Inheritance. The Synodikon of Orthodoxy and the Veneration of Icons Service from the Sunday of Orthodoxy | p. 9-34

Metropolitan Veniamin Costache, Mitrofan of Buzău, Romanian Triodion, Sunday of Orthodoxy, Synodikon of Orthodoxy


The only Romanian version of the Synodikon of Orthodoxy is to be found in the Wallachian Triodion of Buzău (1700) printed by Bishop Mitrofan of Buzău, former bishop of Huși in Moldavia. The present article summarizes the data concerning the political context in which the book was published, the source language and the potential author of the Romanian translation. The author argues that the Romanian version of the Synodikon was translated from a Ukrainian Triodion, presumably the one published in Lvov in 1664. The second part of the article focuses on the reasons why the Synodikon of Orthodoxy disappeared from the Romanian liturgical books and practice, despite the pivotal role it held in the cultic and canonical life of the Orthodox Church. According to the author, this was due to what he calls “the political economy of devotion”, namely the relations between politics and religion within the Romanian lands. The case of the Triodion published by the Moldavian metropolitan Veniamin Costache (Neamț, 1833), which is presented in the last part of the article, provides significant arguments in this respect.