XVII, 2021, 1

A Putna Monastery Guest Register Dating from 1911–1912 | p. 163–182

archive, museum, personalities, pilgrimages, Putna Monastery


The article presents and discusses one of Putna Monastery’s guest registers from 1911–1912. The document is important as it offers information on the relations of the monastery with various areas of the Austrian Empire and especially with Bukovina, but also with the Kingdom of Romania. The register mentions contemporary personalities of the political and scientific world, as well as numerous groups: professors, doctoral students, students, teachers, pupils, members of various organizations, legal experts. Some of the guests were Romanians, some German, others were Czech people, Poles, Jews, or Bosniaks. There were groups who frequently visited the monastery, such as priests from the villages of Bukovina or the hegumens of the Sucevița and Dragomirna monasteries. Finally, the guest register testifies to the existence of a museum at Putna Monastery in 1911.