XIV, 2018, 1

A Register from the 19th Century: a Witness to the “Fragmentation” of the Archives of the Monasteries from Bukovina | p. 309–320

Bukovina, inventory of documents, monastery archives, monastery property


The present paper is the continuation of the research started a few years ago, when, based on an inventory of the land property documents of the monasteries from Bukovina, made in the spring of 1805 by an Austrian commission, the author sought to follow the fate of the monastery archives after the establishment of the Orthodox Religious Fund of Bukovina and the decision to sell the estates that the monasteries from Bukovina had over the new border, within the new, diminished Principality of Moldavia. Now, on the basis of a register dated April 14, 1805, which is kept at the National Archives from Iași, another step was taken to reconstitute the process of the “fragmentation” of the monastery archives.