XVIII, 2022, 1

Music in Stephen the Great’s Moldavia. Certainties and Hypotheses | p. 237–262

church music, court music, entertainment music, epic songs, mehterhane, military music, Moldavia, Stephen the Great


To talk about the music practiced in Moldavia during the reign of Stephen the Great and especially at his court is not an easy endeavor, precisely because of the poverty of sources. However, from the information available to us, a fairly obvious sketch can be drawn, especially when we put together different categories of sources, such as written sources and mural painting. Then we can see that the music at Stephen the Great’s court was no different in its essential aspects from the music at the court of any Western sovereign: military music, city or court music, entertainment music, church music or epic songs. Our attempt is a modest contribution to the knowledge about Stephen the Greatʼs time from the perspective of music, thus adding a different dimension to the study of his era.