XIII, 2017, 1

The Tomb of Grand Princess Elena – New Information | p. 91–110

Elena, Moscow, Panova, sarcophagus, tomb


This study makes available to Romanian historiography important information about Stephen the Great’s daughter, Elena, married in Moscow to Ivan Ivanovich (also known as Ivan the Young) on January 12, 1483. Elena fought for power for a long period of time after her husband’s death in March 1490.


Disfavored by her father-in-law, Ivan III, she died in prison on January 18, 1505. Till recently it has been believed that her grave from Ascension Monastery had been lost. Lately it has been shown, without doubt, that the earthly remains of Lady Helen are in sarcophagus No. 50 (the new No. Pn-34) located in the basement of the Archangel Cathedral from Moscow, where it was brought together with other such sarcophagi in 1929. It must be said that this study is a Romanian rendering of the information found in a new book edited by Tatiana Panova, Погребения XV – начала XVI века (Burials of the 15th and Early 16th Centuries).