XV, 2019, 1

Monk Paphnutius, Precentor and Calligrapher of Putna Monastery | p. 207–214

Anthology, Eustathius, Paphnutius, precentor, psaltic chants, Putna Music School


From a scribe’s note on a Triodion from 1525, commissioned for Dobrovăț Monastery (the last foundation of Saint Stephen the Great), we learn of a precentor unknown to musicologists, monk Paphnutius. The present paper argues that this precentor belonged to Putna brotherhood and copied the said Triodion upon the request of hegumen Silouan, the abbot of the monastery at that time. Most probably, monk Paphnutius is the successor of the celebrated precentor Eustathius (the last mention of the latter is from 1515) and contributed to the furthering of Putna Music School in the second quarter of the 16th century.