XII, 2016, 2

Moldavia of Stephen the Great in the Persian Chronicle “Eight Paradises” of Idris Bitlisi | p. 95–104

Heşt Behişt, Idris Bitlisi, Moldavia, Stephen the Great


The present study sheds light on the “Eight Paradises” (Heşt Behişt) chronicle, a narrative source written in Persian by Idris Bitlisi (1457–1520). In a plastic exposition the Oriental chronicler depicted Stephen the Great as “the prince of Moldavia” (Kara Boğdan hakimi), who surpassed his contemporaries, i.e. the khans from Crimea, the princes of Wallachia and the Hungarian kings, in bravery and courage. In Idris’ allegorical vision, Prince Stephen the Great had ruled independent Moldavia for almost ninety years. Through Heşt Behişt, the figure of Stephen the Great entered for good in Persian culture.