VI, 2010, 1

Metropolitan Maxim Branković, Bogdan III and Moldavia’s Ties with the Serbian Church | p. 229–238

Maxim Branković, Moldavia, Orthodox Church, Serbia, Wallachia


The Metropolitan Maxim Brancovici, a prominent figure in the Serbian history after the Ottoman conquest, drew the attention of the Romanian historians, who considered him a former Metropolitan of Wallachia although none of the contemporary sources indicates it. The moment which retained their attention in a special way was Maxim Brancovici’s pacifying intervention in the conflict between Bogdan III, the prince of Moldavia, and Radu the Great, the prince of Wallachia. Drawing on the political context and carefully examining the sources, the paper produces some very important conclusions. Maxim Brancovici was not a Metropolitan of Wallachia; instead, he was ordained Metropolitan of Belgrade by the Moldavian bishops.


Regarding the pacifying intervention of Maxim, the conclusion is that he acted as an envoy of the king of Hungary, the suzerain of the two princes, who was interested in their cooperation for a common campaign against the Turks, given the ongoing plans for a crusade, with Hungary as its core.