IX, 2013, 1

Metropolitan Gavriil Callimachi and the Putna Monastery | p. 195–226

Ecumenical Patriarchate, Metropolia, Moldavia, the Russo-Turkish war, Thessaloniki


The year 1760 was a turning point for the Moldavian Metropolia but at the same time it marked the continuation of the monks from Putna at the head of the Church: Jacob of Putna, one of the greatest Metropolitans of his time, gave way to Gavriil Callimachi, also tonsured in Putna, who came from the position of ex-Metropolitan of Thessaloniki and Exarch of Thessaly. The present study details this succession from the point of view of the spiritual kinship between the two hierarchs. The second part of the study is dedicated to the analysis of the relation between the new Metropolitan and the Putna brotherhood, especially the relation with the former Metropolitan who withdrew to Putna. All the major events from the second half of the 18th century carried the stamp of these two worthy hierarchs and Putna monks, who several times had to act for the good of the people and of the country. Also, due to these two hierarchs the cultural life of the period reached a very high level, being the foundation for the great ecclesiastical projects that followed.