XI, 2015, 1

Monasteries from Bucovina in the Light of Documents from Sever Zotta | p. 339–354

archives, Bucovina, monasteries, Sever Zotta, Suceava


The paper highlights the way data about the Monasteries from Bucovina are reflected in a series of documents from Sever Zotta.
The first part presents three official reports on the archives of Bucovina prepared by the Director of the State Archives from Iaşi in 1919 and submitted to the management of the institution in Bucharest. The first report includes references to a comprehensive report made in 1909, very important especially for its detailed information about the documents from Suceviţa, Putna and Dragomirna monasteries, many of which having disappeared by 1919. Sever Zotta also investigated the impact of the Russian occupation on the archives and libraries of the monasteries from Bucovina. The reports are very important from the perspective of the reconstruction of the old patrimony of the monasteries from Bucovina, with a quantitative and structured estimation of their former documents and the status of their archives in 1919.
The second part presents the hand-written notes of the author which formed the basis of the official reports. They complement the latter with personal impressions from the trip, details about the routes, their challenges and subtle remarks about what he observed in the monasteries. Their scope includes also the precincts, the precious objects and the monasteries as a whole, providing us with brief images of what he deemed representative.