X, 2014, 1

Zographou Monastery from Mount Athos and Petru Rareş. An Inscription about the Acquisition of a Watermill in 1533 | p. 49–54

inscription, Mount Athos, Petru Rareş, watermill in Chalkidiki, Zographou Monastery


The present text discusses the relation between the Moldavian ruler Petru Rareş and the Zographou Monastery from Mount Athos. At the Zographou Monastery, more specifically in Saint Cosma’s chapel, one finds an inscription on marble which reads that Petru Rareş bought a watermill next to Zographou Monastery’s metochion in Kalamaria region and donated it to the monastery. The second source which documents the relations of the Moldavian prince with Zographou is the diptychs of the monastery from 1682, where among other founders one reads Petru Rareş.
The authors conclude that Petru Rareş continues the tradition of his family, his father, Stephen the Great, and his brother, Bogdan III, in relation to Zographou. The members of Stephen the Great dynasty prove to be new benefactors and founders of this monastery.