IX, 2013, 2

Putna Monastery during the Abbacy of Atanasie Prelipceanu (1932–1937) | p. 93–108

Atanasie Prelipceanu, Brussels exhibition, Charles II, museum, Putna Monastery


Between 1932 and 1937 the Putna Monastery was headed by Atanasie Prelipceanu, another scholarly abbot between the two World Wars. A graduate of the Letters, Theology and Philosophy Faculty from Cernăuţi, he was characterized by the Putna brotherhood as “a good preacher and an excellent manager”. With a cenobium of only 10–15 monks, many in their old age, abbot Atanasie had to meet the expectations of the Romanian society of the time. It was the time when Putna’s museum was renovated, the time of the Brussels exhibition of church objects, of the documentary movies about the monasteries from Bukovina, of the visits of important personalities, including king Charles II.