VII, 2011, 2

Putna Monastery. Rediscovered Images and Controversial Images | p. 103–118

church, Putna Monastery, replica, Stephen the Great, tomb


Alexandru Asachi published in “The 1851 Calendar for the Romanians” an article named “A pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Stephen the Great”, which was illustrated with two images: a general view of the Putna Monastery and an interior view of the princely church, which included the grave room and the nave. A copy preserved in the library of the Prodromos Skete from Mount Athos has the images colored in watercolor. In 1857 Alexandru Asachi published a slightly different image of the interior of the church. Today, these three images of the Putna Monastery are the only ones known from 1757 up to 1900–1903. There are quite a few hitherto unknown elements that show up in these images.

The canopy over the tomb of Stephen the Great was dismantled after 1874 and reassembled in 1934. In the mean time at least two replicas were made, one was used at the celebration from Bucharest in 1904 and the other was exhibited in the National Military Museum. The photos of these replicas were used in several publications, up to the 1970s, as images of the tomb of Stephen the Great.