XIV, 2018, 2

Manuscript Sl. 117 (BAR) and its Prayers for the Prince and His Family | p. 229–250

BAR Ms. Sl. 117, despot, dynasty, Ieremia Movilă, liturgy, prince and princely power


The article is part of the author’s greater study on the No. 117 Slavonic manuscript from the collection of the Romanian Academy Library. It begins with a description of the manuscript itself, but the main accent of the research falls on a certain section of it: the prayers for the prince and his family. They form a unique collection of this particular type of liturgical texts, which help us date the manuscript and understand its use for the affirmation of the dynasty and the dynastic power. The usage of the term “despot” in its sense of “lord” and not as a special term designating a Byzantine honorary title can also be noted in this context. The conclusion is that the creation of the manuscript should be dated to the reign of Ieremia Movilă and the beginning of the power of this important family in the Romanian history.