XIV, 2018, 1

At the Beginning of the Moldavian-Russian Relations | p. 81–100

1475, Elena, Ivan, Moldavia, Moscow


After the 6th of June 1475, Stephen the Great of Moldavia wrote a letter to the Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan III. In his letter the Moldavian prince called for help from the Moscow side against the pagans – Ottomans, Tatars – and against his neighbors. First, historians dated this letter to 1482–1484. The author closely analyzes the international situation described in the document and confirms its new dating to the year 1475. This hypothesis was first mentioned in a study authored by Ștefan Andreescu. The present study also closely investigates the relations between Moldavia and Moscow from 1475 to 1483, when Stephen’s daughter, Elena, married Ivan Ivanovich the Young, son of the Moscow Grand Prince.