XIV, 2018, 2

341 Years after the Fall of Constantinople: a Manuscript, a Native of Suceava and a Cultural Phenomenon | p. 27–90

Constantine the Great, Constantinople, manuscript, Ottoman Empire, prophecy


The article analyzes a manuscript from the collections of “Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library from Iassy, which contains three distinct texts (The Life of the Great Emperor Constantine, For the Fall of the Most Glorious Citadel of Constantinople… and The Prophecy of Saint Methodius, Archbishop of Patara), but which are connected as they reflect a cultural phenomenon specific to the 18th century when the hope was that Russia would be the one to liberate Constantinople from the Ottomans. The manuscript was copied by a monk from Mădârjac Skete, near Iassy. The author publishes the full text of the manuscript, which he considers representative for the period and place in which it was copied.