XV, 2019, 1

Ivan Ivanovich the Young, the Son-in-Law of Stephen the Great | p. 113–134

Elena, heir, Ivan Ivanovich, Moscow, Stephen the Great


Ivan Ivanovich was born in the family of Ivan III of Moscow and Maria Borisovna of Tver on February 15, 1458. He was the firstborn of the Great Prince of Moscow. In 1471, his father appointed him heir to the throne. The present study analyzes this event, which has been too little dealt with by historians. Ivan Ivanovich was in charge of administrative affairs. Thus, the author, in order to better understand the situation, researched the documents issued by his office. In 1482 he married Elena of Moldova, Stephen the Great’s daughter. Ivan Ivanovich, however, never reigned alone. He died in 1490.