XII, 2016, 1

Corrections and Contributions Concerning the Dormition of the Mother of God Dvera (1510) from Putna Monastery | p. 161–171

Bogdan III, embroidery, Joel, Joseph, Marde


The present study deals with one of the most representative embroideries of Romanian medieval art, the Dormition of the Mother of God dvera, donated to Putna Monastery by the prince of Moldavia, Bogdan III, on August 15, 1510. First, the author proposes a new reading of the dedicatory inscription, which is to correct the errors of previous transcriptions and translations. Secondly, he considers erroneous the previous rendering of one of the embroiderers as Joel and proposes a new reading: Joseph. Also, the author argues that the name “Marde”, inscribed on the dvera, is the correct one and not “Mardarie”, since the embroiderer himself left this name to the posterity and since the name became a Romanian given name.