XIV, 2018, 1

Dragomirna Monastery under the patronage of the Holy Trinity | p. 223–236

Descent of the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Miron Barnovsky, patronage, Pentecost, seal


Dragomirna Monastery holds objects and documents that make reference to a church dedicated to the “Holy Trinity” within the monastery. A particular seal and the correspondence of Dragomirna Monastery from the 19th and 20th centuries refer to this church without indicating its location. Reference to the church of the “Holy Trinity” from Dragomirna is made in a letter of Prince Miron Barnovsky to Tsar Michael I from December 9, 1628. Whereas the inscription on the bell tower built by Miron Barnovschi reads that the church of Dragomirna is dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit, which is the same patron feast indicated in the manuscripts of Metropolitan Anastasius Crimca.
The author elucidates the apparent mystery of a church with two patron feasts by analyzing the ancient calendars used by Orthodox peoples. Thus, the Russians to this day have no place in their calendars for “the Descent of the Holy Spirit”, instead celebrating the Holy Trinity fifty days after Pascha, at Pentecost. This explains the mention of this patronage in the correspondence with the Tsar. On the other hand, up to the 20th century, in the Romanian Principalities, the churches dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit and to the Holy Trinity celebrated their patronage on the same day, at Pentecost.