XVIII, 2022, 1

Epithets and Titles Attributed to Stephen the Great at the 1871 Putna Celebration | p. 53–64

epithets, press, Putna Celebration (1871), Putna Monastery, Stephen the Great


This article presents a series of epithets and titles attributed to Stephen the Great during the 1871 Putna Celebration. Most of them have been selected from the press of the time – the newspapers Trompeta Carpaților (“Trumpet of Carpathians”), Traian, Curierul de Iași (“Courier of Iași”), Convorbiri literare (“Literary Dialogues”), Albina (“The Bee”), Federațiunea (“The Federation”) – and show how the memory of this medieval prince of Moldavia was reflected at the time in the conscience of Romanians. Most epithets fit in the following categories: “Great”, “Holy”, “Good”, “Righteous” and express how precious was the memory of the founder of the Putna Monastery in the second half of the 19th century.