XV, 2019, 2

The Hegumens of Putna Monastery (1762–1878). Information from the Cattle Register Initiated by Archimandrite Vartolomei Mazereanu | p. 85–108

Archimandrite Vartolomei Mazereanu, Cattle Register, hegumens, Metropolitan Jacob of Putna, Putna Monastery


The present paper discusses the Cattle Register of Putna Monastery, kept by Archimandrite Vartolomei Mazereanu starting from April 23, 1762. The initiative belonged to ex-metropolitan Jacob, who was in Putna at that time.
The document is important because it documents the tenure of 15 hegumens and interim hegumens of Putna Monastery from 1762 to 1878. Unfortunately, the register was not always kept up to date. It contains data only for less than half of the specified period, so that not all the hegumens appear in the document. Nevertheless, for the periods it was kept up to date it provides evidence that there were no other hegumens in between.
Another feature of the register is that sometimes it provides precise indications for the beginning and ending of the tenure of some of the hegumens, which is rare. Thus, the author was able to correct the duration of the tenure of certain hegumens. Moreover, to the list of the hegumens of Putna Monastery a new name was added, Gherasim, attested as an interim hegumen on April 23, 1783.