XIII, 2017, 1

Twenty Years After. The Commemoration of the Battle of Vaslui (1475–1495) | p. 77–89

Battle of Vaslui, genealogy, land ownership, Moldavian boyars, Stephen the Great


January 10, 1495 marked the 20‑year anniversary of the resounding victory against the Turks of the Moldavians led by Stephen the Great south of Vaslui. Two decades after the battle, Stephen the Great went to his court in Vaslui along with the princely council to commemorate the fallen and then traveled to Iassy. From January 10 to 24 in Vaslui and until February 5, 1495 in Iassy, he issued 25 charters for the rule of some 40 villages, most of them in the south of Moldavia, as a restorative gesture to the families of those who had sacrificed themselves in the war against the Ottomans. The study seeks to identify the 100 beneficiaries of the Prince’s gesture of 1495. Some of them were boyars from the princely council, but most of them were small village rulers from southern Moldavia whose families had been affected by the Battle of Vaslui.