IV, 2008, 1

Two Moldavian manuscripts from the collection of the Transfiguration Monastery near Veliko Tarnovo | p. 197–204

decoration, Gervasije, manuscripts, monastery, scriptorium


The article presents the first complete description of two manuscripts from the Regional State Archives in Veliko Tarnovo. These are a Tertaevangelion and a Pontifical Missal. The first manuscript is well decorated, dates from XVI-XVII century and is prepared in Moldavia. There is a marginal note from Iasi with the mention of the year 1629. There are also two late notes of XIX century mentioning the names of the metropolitan Panaret Rashev and the hierodeacon Barlaam Ribolovski. The second manuscript is a Pontifical Missal and is prepared by the famous scribe Gervasije of Putna in Bucharest, where he was at the office of the metropolitan Barlaam. The note dates of March 25, 1675. It is to state that the manuscript is very well decorated and prepared. Both manuscripts derive from the Transfiguration monastery near Veliko Tarnovo and witness for the close relations of the Bulgarian lands under Ottoman rule with Walachia and Moldavia.