XV, 2019, 1

Two Putna Monastery Manuscripts from the 17th Century in the Collections of the Russian State Library from Moscow | p. 189–206

hieromonk Filotheus, hieromonk Gervasius, hieromonk Luke, manuscripts, paleography, Putna Monastery, Scriptorium’s repertory


The article presents two manuscripts from the collections of the Russian State Library from Moscow.


The first, a Menaion for July, from the collection of V.M. Undolski (fund 310, No. 84) is well documented in the Russian and Romanian bibliographies, but it was wrongly dated to 1564. The author corrects the dating to 1664, makes a brief description of the manuscript and publishes its dedicatory note.


The second manuscript is unknown to Romanian historiography. It is a Menaion for August from 1661, which is preserved in the P.N. Nikiforov collection (fund 199, No. 249). The manuscript was copied for Putna Monastery by hieromonk Joseph Nazarovici, on the commission of hieromonk Filotheus and hieromonk Gervasius. The author makes a brief description of the manuscript and publishes all its notes. He also hypothesizes the identification of hieromonk Gervasius from the dedicatory note with the well-known scribe hieromonk Gervasius, who copied at least four manuscripts in the seventh decade of the 17th century. Moreover, the author conjectures that the Missal from Prague (Národní museum, No. IX.E.29) might have been authored by the same scribe.