XV, 2019, 2

Two Hitherto Unknown Chanters of Putna Medieval School: Hieromonk Vasilie and Monk Isachie | p. 77–84

Precentor Isachie, Precentor Vasilie, Putna Music School, Râşca Monastery, Slatina Monastery


From a note on a Menaion from 1588, commissioned for Slatina Monastery, the foundation of Prince Alexandru Lăpușneanu, we learn of a precentor, hieromonk Vasilie, unknown to musicologists until now. The present paper argues that he belonged to Putna Music School, and so was Monk Isachie, the precentor of Râșca Monastery, who copied an Octoichos in 1548. This brings a new confirmation of the special role played by Putna School in the transmission and continuity of the hesychastic musical tradition in Moldavia throughout the 16th century.