VI, 2010, 2

Diplomatic Relations between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Duchy of Moldavia (1492–1501) | p. 7–24

diplomatic relations, Grand Duke Alexander, Lithuania, Moldavia, Stephen III the Great


The Grand Duchy and Moldavia maintained direct diplomatic contacts only during the years 1492–1501, when Lithuania and Poland had separate rulers. Even though the Grand Duchy’s diplomatic service maintained direct relations with Moldavia for only a short time, this was a complicated period in the foreign policy of both states. The Grand Duchy’s Moldavian policy was more neutral than that of Poland. The author has distinguished nine Lithuanian embassies to Moldavia and seven Moldavian embassies to Lithuania during this period.   Grand Duke Alexander’s envoys to Stephen III the Great were: Prince Fedor Chetvertinski, Cupbearer Fedko Gavrilovich, Marshall Voitekh Kuchukovich, Master of the Kitchens Petras Aleknaitis and Chancery Deacon (scribe) Bogush. The Grand Duchy’s diplomatic specialist in relations with Moldavia was Cupbearer Fedko Gavrilovich. In this he is no exception since at the end of the fifteenth century the Lithuanian diplomatic service had established specialisation by country. The Lithuanian envoy service proved itself to be capable of resolving complex and unforeseen foreign policy tasks.   On the other hand, Stephen III’s envoys were: Palace Marshal Dzurza, Yury Shcherbich, scribe Luke, scribe Mikhail, scribe Matvei, Ivan Isaevich, scribe Foma and Constantin.