XIV, 2018, 1

About a Project for a Crusade from 1500 | p. 335–340

crusade, Moncastro, road, Stefano Taleazzi, Stephen the Great


The Venetian-Turkish war from 1499–1502 prompted, among other things, the drafting of a project for a crusade by Bishop Stefano Taleazzi, the confessor of Pope Alexander VI Borgia. The text of the project mentions that the road through Moldavia and Moncastro was closed and thus the future crusade terrestrial army would have to use an alternate longer route through Serbia and Bulgaria. This was due, on one hand, to the news that reached Rome about the conquest of Moncastro by the Ottomans in 1484 and, on the other hand, to the news about the 1498 Turkish-Tatar expedition into Poland, with the support of Stephen the Great who wanted to avenge the Polish attempt to topple him the previous year.
Stefano Talleazi’s project introduces us into the core of the discussions carried at Rome on the topic of the Christian effort against Ottoman expansion.